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I'll share with you how one of my cannabis businesses grosses over six-figures

I'm Marcus Johnson-Smith

A Cannabis Industry Entrepreneur

Cannabis Entrepreneur | Writer | Educator

I've been involved in the legal cannabis industry for the better part of the past decade. I'm a writer, entrepreneur and marketing professional from Cambridge, MA.

In 2010, I co-founded Kush Groove, a 420 lifestyle brand & a retail head shop in Boston, MA selling glass pipes, bongs, blunts, rolling papers, vaporizers and other cannabis specialty items. I also host private cannabis oriented events and write a bi-weekly article, The Joint Perspective, for Dig Boston, a progressive, counter-culture weekly magazine published in Greater Boston. I've also taught over 100 hours of coursework at the Northeastern Institute of Cannabis.

I'm the founder of Clearwater Branding, a brand marketing firm specializing in web design and brand marketing. I've appeared in numerous Boston area publications including the Boston Globe, Boston Metro, Improper Bostonian, Boston Magazine. I've appeared on WCVB's Chronicle and presented at Bentley University & Harvard Innovation Lab.

The cannabis industry is booming and I've created a pretty good footprint for myself. I want to show you how I gross six-figures without actually selling weed.


I'm in the legal Cannabis Business, I make well over six-figures but I don't sell weed...

I co-own my business with my business partner and childhood best friend. Our Kush Groove business has a few entities under it's umbrella. We have a clothing & accessories line, Kush Groove Clothing where we design and produce streetwear and apparel which we sell online, in our shop and to other retail locations.

We have an IP holding company for our trademarks and other intellectual properties we own. We also have our Kush Groove retail shop where we sell our streetwear apparel as well as 3rd party accessories such as blunts, bongs, rolling papers and much more.

Collectively, all of our businesses gross well over six-figures a year!

If you're someone like me who has an interest in getting in the cannabis business and are serious about earning some real income in this new industry, you definitely want to read on further.

The cannabis industry is set to become a $44 billion dollar industry by 2020. Let me repeat. In 3 years, this industry is poised to become a $44 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.

That's only 3 years away.


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As you can see to the left, I've included a screen shot of sales transactions for one of my businesses. These were the last few months of sales of 2017. Drop your email and I'll send you a report of how my business grosses over six-figures a year.

Give me 6 minutes & your email

I'll share with you how one of my cannabis businesses grosses over six-figures